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Der Fliederbusch:

A House with tradition and personality

For more than 50 years, the Busch family has been concerned about their well-being Guests in the house Fliederbusch endeavored. Today Sandra Busch -Flasche leads the hotel and restaurant in third generation with the claim to offer every guest an to allow you to stay. ​​ Heinrich Busch, farmer, Schützenfest waiter, bread wagon driver, and his wife Christina met in the advanced age a dream. They boldly built their little one in 1969 farm into an inn and called it "Haus Flieder- busch". Son Werner Busch did an apprenticeship as a craftsman and initially entertained them in the lilac bush with music. 1983 he took over the gastronomy with his wife Ursula. She expanded to hotel operations, built a guest house in 1992 and were in the Borken area for their family hospitality known.

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The original small farm built by Wilhelm Busch in 1905, which later became the Fliederbusch.


Daughter Sandra Busch- Flasche has been running the Fliederbusch house since 2011. Family life also always took place in the dining room. Because "living and working were in the same house." At lunchtime, the family usually ate together with the employees. At the age of 14, the daughter worked as a waiter in her parents' restaurant business. Later she trained as a hotel manager. She then worked in various hotels in North Rhine-Westphalia, including the Petersberg in Bonn, until she decided to continue the family business. Sandra Busch- Flaschen remembers her father's advice: "Keep everything beautiful so that it runs as well as it is." ​ She will continue the style of her parents and grandparents with her own modern accents set. With this in mind, she has repeatedly modernized the house in recent years. ​ 14 guest rooms in the main building were modernized, the 4 rooms via grandma Christina Apartment are now called "Christinenflügel". Another 14 rooms in the guest house were given a facelift through modernization.

Ulla und Werner Busch

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Oma Christina Busch. Nach der Frau des Gaststättengründers ist heute im Stammhaus der Christinenflügel benannt

The result is a stylish feel-good ambience that meets the spirit of the times. Guests can not only live, but also hold conferences, celebrate and eat at Haus Fliederbusch. ​ Lovable, emotional, surprising, high-quality, unique, down-to-earth and modern at the same time - this has been the Fliederbusch style for over 50 years

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